Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To the Market we must go...

The leaves are falling, the morning air is brisk...to the market we must go. Our local Farmer's Markets are sadly coming to a close at the end of October. My little munchkin and I headed to a larger one this weekend.
I thought I would let the little guy walk with me through the market since he had been in the stroller a good part of the morning(shopping for fabric...he is such a trooper). I did, not so much shopping but a whole lot of chasing. He a had a grand time. I was able to quickly snatch up some Johnathan apples, green peppers butternut squash and two tiny little white pumpkins. The farmers graciously offered to hold him, but I fear it would have been a loss cause...the only thing to satisfy him would be the embracing of freedom.

The tables were piled with fall crop in beautiful warm colors.

My little munchkin on the loose with a tiny white pumpkin!

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