Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear Dad...

Cool Dads Deserve Cool Handmade Cards.



paired hearts

michelle brusegarrd
Just so ya know, I sent my mom this card for Mother's Day with my picture letter inside.
She loved it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Take a seat...

"sit down please"
"off the table and sit in your seat, eat your food"
"come sit with mommy"
"you need to sit in timeout"
These phrases have sputtered from my mouth far too much lately. I have a two year boy, remember, and he loves to live life to its fullest. I was thinking though, maybe he would be more willing to sit if he could plop his little back-end into one of these totally rad vintage chairs. Do you think it will work? I know, probably not, but aren't they so pleasing to the eye and cute, I just love them. Someday, when Baby 'L' is all grown up, I will wish I could say "come sit with mommy." I must go give him big hugs, you can stick around and check out these incredible little tike seats.


Vintage Jane