Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Etsy Easter Dress-me-up

Tastefully Turquoise & Sassy Salmon

Vintage Dress from the.VINTAGE.closet

Vintage Floral Garden Ring by loveandspinkicks

Phoebe Turquoise and Coral Necklace by Candy's Art Design

Summer Skirt by Vital Industries.

Mehndi Paisley necktie. Traditional Persian print with copper ink by Cyberoptix TieLab.


Moder little man tie onesie by Andie Pandie & Co.

Pink Flower Booties with White Satin Ribbon Ties by Lil Chubby

Pink Pearl Mohair Shrug by Pink Polish Design.

Pink hydrangea headband by LOU and LEE's

Pretty Pink Vintage Pumps THE TURNIP TRUCK.

Flirty Dot Dress by just dots.


Lilac Flower, felt headband by Lupin.

Berry Fizz Ring by Far afield jewelry.

Lavender Seersucker Spring Dress by MHolland.

Rasberry Silk Tie by Rabbit Stop.

Sweetheart- Dusty Lavender by terry graziano.

Lavender fields dress by Lilipops designs.


Jade Chrysanthemum Earrings by Candy's Art Design.

Vintage 1950s Designer Hat from Auntie Ms Attic.

The Brenda Lee Vintage Dress from from Thrush.

Green Gables - Boutique Style Felt Ribbon Bracelet by Katie's Kreations.

Lime Green Handmade Hand Smocked Dress by Darla's Clothing.

Green Damask Necktie by Me and Matilda.

*whistle* Look'n Good...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Read...

A new addition to Baby 'L's room. I have actually had them up for a couple months and they have been great. During a visit home, I stopped into a little store called Mud Pies-the owner had her cookbooks displayed in wall shelves like unto these. Upon my inquiring, the owner's father, know as "Daddy" said he would make me one. Whoohoo! I was thrilled. I knew one wouldn't cut the mustard with all of 'L's books( I could really use a couple more), so much to my delight my dad made me a second shelf out of scrap wood. I love them because the books are still out and accessible but aren't getting as much wear and tear from twinkle toes bulldozing them with his cat dump truck.
Speaking of books, Bear Wants More, is a fun spring read and is loved by Baby 'L'.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ringing in Spring...

with Easter Silhouettes

The bunny silhouette is painted on a canvas covered in Amy Butler's Lacework in Olive fabric. For directions on how to complete a silhouette canvas visit this link. The directions are given by Anna Maria Horner on the Martha Stewart Show. I choose to paint the inside of the silhouette rather than the outside.

Some old print blocks that I found at Vintage Sisters. I will be doing a post on Vintage Sisters soon. Do you happen to notice anything funny about these letter besides being backwards? The "g" it is really an upside down "a" and is the only letter not backwards. I didn't happen to notice, until I got them home, silly me.

A sweet little chick silhouette cut from a rose photo taken by my mom - then applied to a thin canvas and hung with shimmery ribbon. These egg cups will soon be replaced by decorated Easter eggs of course done by Baby 'L'. You can find these egg cups at target for a buck 99.

"Peep, Peep"

A bunny silhouette cut from another one of my mom's rose photos. She takes the most amazing pictures of flowers. Thanks mom! I am on the search for the perfect frame- I am thinking white and oval.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Promised Land

If you ever find yourself drifting through the wide-open spaces of the Midwest and have a love for all things vintage; peak by this little shop. Promise Land is located in the wee little town of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. It is tucked on the lower level of a historical brick building built in the early 1900's. It is run by Thressa Merriman, who seeks out antique and vintage lovelies and thoughtfully places them in her shop. Some of the items in her shop, she has brought new life to by adding her own personal touch (a little paint and love).


Upon arriving you may be greeted by a welcoming open sign and a wagon of red and pink potted geraniums.

I wonder how many students sat and daydreamed in this desk?

Storage Solution.

Vintage Hankies

I thought these old tins were neat, a complete set!

Look at all these sparkly antique brooches, the possibilities.

Dreamy milk white candy dish!

A distressed mission desk with a rock'n red retro rolling chair.


These are just a few treasures that my eyes laid upon at the Promised Land, you might also find vintage aprons, shelves chuck-full of old books, western framed prints, antique sideboards, old doors, a strawberry shortcake lunch box, vintage cookbooks and just maybe something YOU have been longing for.

For More information about the Promised Land Antique Mall contact
Thressa Merriman
721 Kihekah Ave.
Pawhuska, Ok 74056
(918) 287-9120
(918) 287-0011

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Happy Spring!

Upcoming Posts...
Easter silhouettes
Easter cookie envelopes
Visit of lovely shop: Vintage Sisters

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Etsy Mail - Little House on Bowery Hill Necklace

My sweet sister gave me this necklace for my Birthday last year. I love it! It was made by Ellene McClay at Deciduous Soul. Her shop is filled with beautiful vintage inspired clothing, jewelry and flower corsages. If you are in the mood to cast your eyes upon something lovely and handmade drifted over to Deciduous Soul. To get a glimpse of Ellene's design process you can visit her delightful blog here.

I really like this too! It is called love letter...how romantic.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday - Check.

Baby 'L's Birthday was a success. The list was completed with some help from my good ol'family. I even managed to get my dad and hubby to help me paint the fishing game sheet. It made for a fun humorous night. Pizza, cake and cupcakes were served. A pinata was added to the list, which was a hit right up there with rides on Dottie. I highly recommend a Pinata at any party. As for the handouts, I made snickerdoodles and packaged them in cookie envelopes made of a bandanna print paper. So a celebration indeed it was.