Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday - Check.

Baby 'L's Birthday was a success. The list was completed with some help from my good ol'family. I even managed to get my dad and hubby to help me paint the fishing game sheet. It made for a fun humorous night. Pizza, cake and cupcakes were served. A pinata was added to the list, which was a hit right up there with rides on Dottie. I highly recommend a Pinata at any party. As for the handouts, I made snickerdoodles and packaged them in cookie envelopes made of a bandanna print paper. So a celebration indeed it was.


coty said...

So cute Erica, I'm glad it was a success!
For Rhoane's first Birthday, we are doing a "farm animal theme" i'm making some felt farm animals... i'm excited, hope it turns out half as cute as your's.
You have such cute ideas!

Always Inspire said...

Fantastic about the party being a success! The venue looked like it would have been loads of fun!