Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday on the Brain

So lately, I have been creating a list in my head (that finally did get written down) of things to accomplish for Baby 'L' s Birthday. He is turning two, and to quote every other mother out there when their child bumps up another year, "I can't believe it". It is true, I simply can't, so instead of wondering where the time went, we shall celebrate.

The List
1. Location. Check.
The big red barn...conveniently located a few steps(big steps) away from my parents home. Isn't it wonderful? I just love it! It will be up in the hay-loft.
2. Appearances. Check.
Dottie, conveniently located in the barn. Hee! Hee! She is the sweetest miniature horse.
3. Food. going back and forth.
This is where my mind quit working. Should I stick with something involving the obvious "western theme" or go for something like pizza, enjoyed by most? I go back and forth in my own little head. The hubby says, " pizza" for the low stress, feeds a lot, less work reason. He is probably right. I also can't decide on cake and ice cream or cupcakes?
4. Games. Check.
*fishing game* you know, the one where you hang up a sheet decorated with fish and allow the children to throw a fishing line hooked to a pole over the sheet and retrieve a little trinket. Lots of fun!
* Dottie*
* Bubbles*
* Tee-Pee* I made this for Luke and he is yet to see it, I am so excited!
*Stick-horse race*
*Trike race*
5. Decorations. almost finished.
The fun part for me!
I made a banner out of whimsical western print fabrics.
I found this (above) vintage inspired child western fabric. I thought called out little tike Birthday.
Just for kicks, some images of cowboys from real old west - Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Wild Bill Hickok. (I just printed them on transfer paper and ironed them on to muslin)

Wanted Sign of the Birthday Boy!

Oh, and balloons of course...great entertainment for the kiddos.
6. Thanks for coming - Handouts. ummmm?
Still deciding. I didn't want to do any type of small trinket, because the fishing game will take care of that. I have thought of sweetly packaging a couple cookies or maybe popcorn balls.
So here is the list thus far, I am sure I am forgetting something and getting a little out of control. Wish me Luck!


Jennerator said...

Erica-you are seriously one of the most talented people I know!! I can't wait to see it all!

Erica said...

Well thanks Jen, your too sweet. I envy your mad quilting skills.