Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Flower Hair Pin

Red-hot Valentine Flower Pin.


* Felt (two colors)

* Thread - Needle

* Scissors

* Bobbie-Pin

* Ribbon


Using a circular object trace two circles with a pen on your main felt. The larger circle is about 2 1/2" in diameter and the second about 2 1/4". I used Baby L's playdough container, the top for the larger circle and the bottom for the smaller circle.


With your scissors cut the two circles out.


Next, cut out small triangles all the way around both circles. If would like them to be evenly space you may want to measure. Each triangle should begin between 1/4" to 1/2" apart.

They will look something like this.


Trim the corners in a rounding motion, making them look more like petals.

Like this.


Cut out a small circle to serve as the center of the smaller flower...about a 1/2" in diameter. Also cut out a heart by folding the felt in half and cutting half of a heart shape...the heart should fit in the middle of the larger flower.


Cut two pieces of ribbon and fold them in half. Make them long enough so they are slightly larger then your larger flower. Sew your two ribbon leaves to the larger flower.

{7} Next attach your bobbie-pin to your heart cut-out. ***You will want to make sure the flat side is facing you(this side will lay against your head) and the side with upside down Vs lays on your heart. Make several stitches up and over the upside down Vs.


Next attach your bobbie-pin heart to your large flower. You will want the opening of your bobbie-pin to extend behind your ribbon leaves. To attach just simply make small stitches all the way around the inside of the heart.

The front of your large flower might look something like this.


Place the small center in the middle of the small flower and lay it on top of the larger flower . ***If possible try to lay the smaller petals in between the the larger petals. Begin sewing the tow flowers together by bringing your thread through the back and up through the round center...make a few stitches on one side of the center.


If you need to add a few stitches to the other side of your flower center you and just simply slip you needle in between your bobbie-pin and bring your needle to the front.

The back should look nice and tidy with a cute heart.

And the front, cute as can be for your valentine...don't forget your red lipstick!

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