Thursday, February 19, 2009

Etsy Mail - My pretty pearl ring

I love my little pearl ring...actually is really isn't that little. I purchased it back in September and have worn it with jeans, skirts, and even lounge pants. It is just that kinda ring. It was designed by Mollie at Mu-Yin Jewelry. Her etsy shop features an array of beautiful jewelry using freshwater pearls and other natural gemstones. I love her classic simple designs. You should definitely wander over to Mu-Yin Jewelry.

I have my eye on this baby! The color is gravitating.

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mu-yin jewelry said...

oh thank you Erica! and what a lovely blog! I'm happy to hear you like the ring!-- And you should definitely get the sweet pea pearl ring because it's truly a rare find! -mollie xo