Thursday, February 5, 2009

Etsy Mail - Fabric

Anytime I order something from Etsy, I get really excited and start stalking the mail man-well, not really, but I do look forward to my Etsy Mail arrivals. I have decided to share with you some my fabulous purchases made on Etsy. Unfortunately, when I run out of items, it will mean I will have to do some more shopping, darn.

So, I shared with you my fabric love confession, which leads me to my first Etsy Mail share... fabric purchases. I must say, there are many wonderful shops to buy fabric from on Etsy. Most of my fabric purchases have been from the Fabric Shoppe. It is run by Jody, a creative mom of one baby girl. She also has an inspiring blog, Everyday Beautiful. On her blog she gives her customers the opportunity to share their projects for a chance to win fabric. I just happen to be one of those lucky winners...and because she loves her customer's so much she offers a different fat quarter each week for a $1.00. So surf on over to the Fabric Shoppe and check it out.


coty said...

ooo yeah, me too!!!
ahhh, we have quite a few commonalities, Erica.
I love putting a new spin on an old piece too, like say jeans or an old's fun to get the creative juices flowing. only, with three little's not always easy to put the desires of my creative little heart into play...

Jennerator said...

I'm sure your stash rivals my stash. I LOVE fabric. Brian HATES fabric (well, at least when I buy it, he probably likes it covering him up...or not). ;)