Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Read...

A new addition to Baby 'L's room. I have actually had them up for a couple months and they have been great. During a visit home, I stopped into a little store called Mud Pies-the owner had her cookbooks displayed in wall shelves like unto these. Upon my inquiring, the owner's father, know as "Daddy" said he would make me one. Whoohoo! I was thrilled. I knew one wouldn't cut the mustard with all of 'L's books( I could really use a couple more), so much to my delight my dad made me a second shelf out of scrap wood. I love them because the books are still out and accessible but aren't getting as much wear and tear from twinkle toes bulldozing them with his cat dump truck.
Speaking of books, Bear Wants More, is a fun spring read and is loved by Baby 'L'.

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