Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ringing in Spring...

with Easter Silhouettes

The bunny silhouette is painted on a canvas covered in Amy Butler's Lacework in Olive fabric. For directions on how to complete a silhouette canvas visit this link. The directions are given by Anna Maria Horner on the Martha Stewart Show. I choose to paint the inside of the silhouette rather than the outside.

Some old print blocks that I found at Vintage Sisters. I will be doing a post on Vintage Sisters soon. Do you happen to notice anything funny about these letter besides being backwards? The "g" it is really an upside down "a" and is the only letter not backwards. I didn't happen to notice, until I got them home, silly me.

A sweet little chick silhouette cut from a rose photo taken by my mom - then applied to a thin canvas and hung with shimmery ribbon. These egg cups will soon be replaced by decorated Easter eggs of course done by Baby 'L'. You can find these egg cups at target for a buck 99.

"Peep, Peep"

A bunny silhouette cut from another one of my mom's rose photos. She takes the most amazing pictures of flowers. Thanks mom! I am on the search for the perfect frame- I am thinking white and oval.


Jennerator said...

I did notice the 'g' was the right way. Those are so cute! I love the roses chick!

Dennis Dailies said...

This is a fabulous idea. It is so crisp and clean yet but a splash of genius. Martha needs to recruit you.