Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things to Make and Do

I have decided to write a picture letter in my mom's Mother's Day card this year, you can write one too, if you want. I think all moms would like one. In case you were wondering Mother's Day is May 10th, coming up fast.

According to Things to Make and Do(the book I snagged from the toy closet) you will need:
Old Magazine
Writing a picture letter is one of the most interesting things to do(cracked me up). You write some words and then, every so often, instead of writing a word you put a picture of the word in its place. You can either draw these pictures or you can cut them out of old magazines and paste them in place. (Things to Make and Do P. 23)
I plan to draw a picture in place of the word rather than cut them out of old magazines, although as a kid, making a magazine collage was one of my faves.
Some Rockin' Mother's Day Cards
(for your Picture Letter)
Visit smock paper.Visit Fig. 22.

Visit Orange Twist.

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